Personal Loan in Gurgaon

A personal loan is a smaller loan, you can avail a personal loan to meet unexpected expenses such as to finance a car or other vehicle, renovations to a home, consolidation of debt, to finance a vacation of one kind or another, school or college fees, wedding expenditure and a great number of other personal things. A personal loan is for a shorter term as compare to other loans it goes from 1 year to maximum 5 years depends on customer’s profile.

Why go for a Personal Loan?

A Personal loan is generally taken by borrowers who are looking for loans for quickly and with minimum documentation. In addition, since there is no monitoring of the end use, it gives flexibility to the borrower to use the loan for any purpose they like.

How much loan can you get?

Personal Loans can range from Rs.1,00,000 –20,00,000/- based on the borrower’s ability to pay back.

What is the duration that it can be taken for?

Personal Loan is a short term loan. The repayment options are usually flexible, and it can be between 12-60 months, depending on the repayment capacity of the borrower.

What are the interest rates that I am eligible for?

Interest rates for a personal loan vary from borrower to borrower & lender to lender, depending on their individual credit history and amount borrowed.

What are the factors that affect interest rate for Personal Loan?

• The lending rate depends on different things:
• Take home salary of the borrower.
• Company where borrower is working.

What is the eligibility for the personal loan?

• The borrower should be a salaried person.
• Maximum age of applicant at loan maturity: 60 years
• Minimum take home salary should be 15,000.
• The age should be minimum 21.
• No default should be there on the borrower’s name.

Documents for personal loan?

Identity Card : Pan Card/Passport/Election Card/Photo Identity issued by Government, Defense Services, Public Sector undertaking/Driving License/Photo Credit Card/Employees ID Card, Letter/card issued by UIDAI containing the details of name, photograph, address and Aadhaar number
Residence Proof: Bank Account Statement/ Latest Electricity Bill/ Latest Telephone Bill/ Employers letter certifying current mailing address/Passport (Valid) - provided the passport address is present address mentioned in application form / Existing Registered House Lease/ Government I-card with photo and address/ Ration Card/ Latest Property Tax / Water Tax bill.
Mandatory Govt.Id: Passport/voter card/aadhar card/driving license.(1 document is mandatory among these 4).
Photograph: 2 recent colored passport size photos.
Income Proof: Latest 3 months salary slip showing all deductions along with updated 120 days salary account bank statement.
Job Continuity: Last 1 year job continuity proof.
Signature Verification: Valid Passport /Pan Card/ Processing Fee Cheque/ Banker's Verification Letter.
Documentary proofs required may vary from customer to customer.

For disbursement of loan amount?

• 5 CTS cheques of salary account .

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